Ecodenta  口腔護理產品結合了現代科學與自然,與立陶宛健康科學大學的科學家攜手研發,並由牙科醫生進行評估及測試。
每款 Ecodenta 牙膏均以高效植物成分製成,不含有害的化學起泡劑或研磨成分,提供全面高效的口腔護理,有助改善並預防各種牙齒及口腔問題,為你帶來全新的口腔清潔體驗。
Ecodenta 牙膏含有Kalident(羥磷灰石),是鈣質的天然來源,而琺瑯質的主要成分亦是羥磷灰石,可增強琺瑯質表面的硬度和厚度,並填充微細裂紋。科學證明Kalident 能幫助琺瑯質的重新礦化,抵抗酸性物質對牙齒的去礦化作用(Demineralization),有助鞏固牙齒、預防蛀牙,是氟化物的絕佳替代物。

Ecodenta oral care products unite modern science and nature. Manufactured from eco-friendly and natural materials without harmful effervescent or abrasive ingredients, they will surely change your attitude towards oral hygiene.
Each Ecodenta toothpaste is enriched with extracts of carefully selected eco-friendly plants that help to eliminate specific mouth care problems: the extracts of 7 herbs ensure a comprehensive oral care, cranberry extract helps to fight bacteria that cause the build-up of plaque, oak bark and bloodwort extracts effectively calm and reduce bleeding gums. Choose the toothpaste that’s best for you and experience the benefits of Ecodenta!
Ecodenta toothpastes contain Kalident, a natural source of calcium, that strengthens enamel and fills microcracks and scratches. This material has the same composition as tooth enamel. It has been scientifically proven to restore the mineral constitution of enamel and help to avoid tooth decay.
Ecodenta toothpastes are developed in cooperation with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and evaluated by odontologists.